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Ramadan 30 Day Challenge

We have a Ramadan 30 Day Challenge🏆 for you! We have brainstormed a list of 30 content ideas💡 for you to try for a more engaging month of Ramadan.🕌

To participate go on: 

Facebook: MAGR Sisters Youth

Instagram: magrsistersyouth

Snapchat: magrsisteryouth
1. 👍Like the photo/post of the day
2. Complete the challenge of the day by posting it or sharing it on your story
3. Be sure to use hashtag #RamadanChallenge2020 and tag @magrsistersyouth

⭐Challenge begins: First Day of Ramadan
⭐Challenge ends: Last Day of Ramadan

We will draw two weekly winners, the more challenges that you complete, the more chances you have of winning🎁 Random winners will be selected from the qualified participants and will be announced on Fridays🗓. We will also select a random winner at the end of the challenge. Remember the ultimate reward is from Allah.🤲

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