MAGR is located in Rockford, Illinois – 80 miles Northwest of Chicago, 80 miles Southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 60 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin.


Welcome to the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford! MAGR has been a central member of the area’s community for more than 30 years.

Islam is a beautiful religion of peace, love and knowledge whose followers are instructed by God to respect nature and all that it provides for us.


The mission of the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford is to provide religious, spiritual, social, charitable as well as communal needs of the Muslims in the Greater Rockford Area and beyond by being a leader in providing quality Islamic education, nurturing faith, upholding values, and fostering better relationship with people of all faiths and serve the surrounding community through civic engagement.

MAGR Constitution Adopted on October 20, 2013


Islam is a religion that teaches that the fundamental understanding of the universe is to be found in the submission to the One God who created all things from nothing. He is alone and without partner, and so He has existed forever and shall forever exist. He doesn’t resemble His creation, nor is He bounded or restricted by it; there is none like Him.

He sent many messengers to mankind to communicate what He expects from them, like:

He came with a message of One God, good character to all people, and that after death, all will be resurrected. On that day each person will have to bear personal responsibility in front of God for all of their deeds in this life, and that the good will be rewarded forever and the evil will be punished forever.