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Ramadan Volunteer

Ramadan Announcements

First day of Ramadan will be Tuesday, April 13, 2021 InshAllah.

* The first day of Taraweeh will be April 12, 2021.

* Eid Al-Fitr will be on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Ramadan Home Decorating Contest

Show us how your festive home looks like for Ramadan. Take pictures of your family’s decor for a chance to win a prize. Pictures will be share on our social media.

Last Day to submit pictures is 25th of Ramadan (May 7th).


Jamaat Prayer Times
Tuesday, April 13th – Monday, April 12th
Fajr 20 minutes after Fajr time in calendar above
Zuhr 1:10 PM
Asr 5:15 PM
Maghrib 5 minutes after prayer time
Isha 9:05 PM
Friday Khutbah (1) 1:05 PM
Friday Salat (1) 1:35 PM
Friday Khutbah (2) 2:15 PM
Friday Salat (2) 2:45 PM



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(815) 397-3311


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MAGR Public Relations

Ask the Imam


Question for the Imam?

Please contact him here:

 Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Elghobashy

Phone: (361) 232-1485



April 8, 2020 — All in-house MAGR events are suspended until further notice. Please check out our youth and special events tabs to see our online programming.