Our History

Important Dates for the Community

Spring of 1985

  • Meeting in Dr. Poorsatar’s house and agreed to launch Sunday school in Dr. Jamil Hussain’s office on Charles street (Front of Swedish American Hospital)

Spring of 1985

  • Started Sunday School Activity
  • Organized as a formal not to profit organization with 43 families registered as members, First Board was elected in Dr. Hussain’s office with the following officers.
  • President: Dr. Mahmood Butt
  • Vice President Dr. Waseem Kamal
  • Secretary: Dr. Walled Said
  • Treasurer: Ribhi Sulaiman
  • Br. Magdy Kandil
  • Br. Altaf Rashid
  • Br. Ali Saif Harhara

July 1989

  • Vander Cook School UP for Sale
  • Public Auction was held and bids were made

July 1989

  • MCC made an offer to buy Vander Cook School

July 13, 1989

  • Winnebago County approved zoning the school as a Muslim community center

August 1989

  • A final offer of $204,400 was accepted by the Board of Education

November 17, 1989

  • Sale of Vander Cook School was closed to become the MCC of Greater Rockford

January 27, 1990

  • Official Opening of the MCC of Greater Rockford
  • February 8, 1995
  • Rental Agreement with Montessori school for the south side of the building was signed ($37,000)
  • Board members signed for MCC:
  • Dr. Waseem Kamal     (President)
  • Dr. Asim Mustafa  (Vice President)
  • Br. Altaf Rashid    (Treasurer)

August 1995

  • Hired first permanent Imam (Br. Mahmood Sabah)

August 1996

  • Purchase of Muslim cemetery
  • 50 LOTS were purchased in an area dedicated to Muslims in the Arlington Memorial Cemetery
  • 6202 Charles Street, Rockford IL 61108

November 15, 1996

  • Signed contract with Rockford Funeral Service to perform Ghusul and burial the Islamic way

August 15, 1998

  • Full time Islamic School was opened. This school now offers education from grade Pre K–3 to 12th-grade level

June 01, 2005

  • The major renovation of MCC parking lot will started, adding 120 additional parking spots
  • GroundWork for The Building of a New Mosque Completed

October 22, 2009 

  • permit obtained for the construction of the new mosque.

New Mosque Committee Formed

  1. Dr. Dawood Harunani
  2. Br. Magdy Kandil
  3. Br. Altaf Rashid
  4. Capt. Shahid Naseer
  5. Dr. Mohammed Harunani
  6. Br. Tanvir Jaffery
  7. Br. Mokhtar (General Contractor)
  • Construction of the New Mosque Started
  • Completed the New Mosque with a capacity of 750 men and 350 women Prayer Halls
  • Total cost on the project US$1.23 Million

Certificate of Occupancy Granted on March 28, 2011 

The MAGR has been a central part of the Rockford community for over 30 years! As Americans, we value everything that makes this nation the greatest on the planet. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in working to make our area better. Our members are your neighbors, friends, and co-workers. We, together with you, play an important role in this area every day. We are all proud to call the Rockford region our home. Our facility located at 5921 Darlene Drive was built by local skilled labor and it is where we worship, gather, and celebrate all that God provides for us every day.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with the information you are looking for. We strongly encourage you to visit us and find out more about Islam and the MAGR. We cannot wait to hear from you!