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Sunday School – Starting on Saturday Sept 7th

Sunday School will be starting on Saturday Sept 7th. Please register in advance on line by clicking here:

Please fill out one form per child.

Jummah Announcement 9/05/14

Jumua Announcements 9/05/14

1. Tonight’s Halaqa and Ice Cream night will be rescheduled for early October.

2. Sunday School will be starting on Saturday Sept 7th. Please register in advance on line by clicking here:

Please fill out one form per child.

3. Iqra School Open House –  

when:  September 10th

Where: Iqra School Elementary classes and science lab

Time:   6 to 8 pm

The final session will start in the GYM from 7 until 7:50 pm all Iqra School parents are asked to attend. light refreshment will be made available. newly revised handbooks will be passed out to each family.

4. VolleyBall Tournament

When: Friday Sept. 26th


Time: 6:30 – 9:30pm

This event is for all ages ( Female only). Registration deadline Wed. Sep. 24th. Admission Fee $20 per person. Snacks and drinks will be sold. For registration and more information contact Fadwa Abufanas at or Babra Martinez at

5. Iqra School fundraising for building expansion on Sep. 27, 2014.

6. If you are not receiving MAGR Emails please signup your name and Email on Signup sheet after Jummah

7. Alhamdulillah  ICNA Rockford unit is established and looking for your support. If you willing to help and be a volunteer please contact ICNA Rockford president Br Khalid Siddiqui –

8. Grand opening on September 1st: Sh. Nasser’s Darul Anwar Quran Academy programs will be customized to fit your needs. Contact info: 815-668-6662,, or

 Fajr          Zuhar          Asr          Maghrib          Isha

5:45am    1:10pm        5:15pm    7:30pm        9:15pm

Jazakum Allah Khair

MAGR Board


Eid Family Festival 2014

Ramadan 2014 Calendar & Schedule

Please Find Ramadan 2014 Calendar & Schedule attached here.

Rockford Summer program 2014

Rockford Summer program 2014

Working  together to make our children laugh and learn this summer!

Registration for summer camp will close on June 6th after Jumua

*Are you wondering what to do this summer with your children that is both fun and beneficial?  Second annual summer program is here to help you out! 

* Kids aged between 3 and 12 are welcomed and encouraged to join us in the Rockford Summer Program. 

*These three hours are filled with fun and exciting activities that your children will definitely enjoy.

*Quran memorization by qualified teachers and Halaqqa circle will also be incorporated in the camp.

*At the completion of each day of summer camp Zuhr prayer will be completed in Jama’a.  

*Light snacks will be provided. 

*We are working hard to make this a very fun yet informative program for our children.  Please if you have any questions or concerns about this wonderful opportunity, feel free to contact:

Who: Children between ages 3-12 years old

What: Four days a week summer fun program with Quran memorization, Islamic crafts and fun activities, science experiments and age appropriate Halaqa circle.  Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided by our wonderful volunteers!

When: June 9-June 26. ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Where:  MAGR

Time:  10:00-1:00

Fee: Fee for each week is $40 or $100 for all three weeks (This is a $20 savings). Second child is $70 for complete three week program or $30 weekly fee. If there is ANY financial hardship, please contact us at for further information on how we can get your child enrolled!!!

For registration please follow the following link:

For more information please email:

Contact person:

Sister Amina Raja: (815)585-6243

Sister Ragad Kanawati: (815) 298 – 7242

President’s Address – April 2014

President’s Address  – April 2014

 Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

Dear respected community members,

This month we got some issues out in the open which is healthy for any growing community. We had a community wide exploration into contemporary issues facing Muslim communities across America with the screening of the film Unmosqued. The discussion was led by Dr. Debra Majeed, Chair of the Religious Studies Department at Beloit College. The Board had deliberately asked someone from outside our community to facilitate as this is dictated by best practices. Having someone from outside to lead the discussion on how the organization can grow can help draw emotions out in a healthy manner. This in turn gives the Board useful feedback for strategic
There was an overwhelming positive response from the youth. Some people who have left the masjid stated that they wanted to come back. Some people found the movie unfair and biased while others felt that some aspects of the film did not pertain to our community at all. As a community we need to discuss both sides and decide what is strategically best for the community, based on the Qur’an and Sunnah. The invaluable data collected from the event will be used for further, internal community building discussions insha’allah.
One of the first steps to build our community is to “Spread Salam and Smile”, a motto shared by Atif Mahmud, the Unmosqued producer. When you met a Muslim, whether at the masjid or the supermarket, whether you know them or not, say “Assalamu Alaikum” and smile. Be warm and friendly and let them feel the love you have for them. Make it a goal for yourself to find one person whom you do not know at Jumu’ah, and get to know them for five minutes. These small steps can have a big impact on our community. As a Board, we can plan and strategize as much as we can, but nothing can change if our hearts do not change first. Let’s work together as a community and may Allah (swt) make us successful. Ameen.
The RISE Board received and participated in a successful board training session with professional parliamentarian, Nancy Sylvester. We are in preparation for our first general body meeting which will be different in regards to format, delivery and audience participation.
Internally we will be moving forward with an internal financial checks and balances system through an established CPA firm. This approach while maintaining a healthy financial budget will also remove inaccuracies and prevent loss of revenue from our balance sheets.
Recognizing that our youth will the future leaders of the community, we are creating a platform for direct youth representation in the MAGR boardroom. Once the youth are invested and take a larger stake in their future and assume ownership of what occurs in the masjid, they will return to the masjid insha’allah.
In the coming month we will be saying goodbye to Imam Shpendim and his family. Imam Shpendim will be embarking on a new journey that he feels is best for his family. We will all miss him and we love him. Please join us as we celebrate his 10 years of service to our community next month, May 30th in the MAGR gymnasium from 6-8pm.

Jazakallah Khayrun,

Arshad R. Shaikh

MAGR President

Rockford IQRA Wants You!

Rockford IQRA School is now looking for a Principal, Pre-K, 4th grade and 6th grade teachers for the 2014-2015 school year and beyond!

Qualified candidates please email with a current CV.

We are offering competitive salaries and benefits and the opportunity to grow with our growing community!

Jazakallahu Khairan

President’s Address March 2014

President’s Address  – March 2014

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

Dear respected community members,
Our community is rich in diversity and cultural heritage. This is one of our greatest strengths. As president, one of my responsibilities is to understand the needs of our diverse people. I have socialized with various ethnicities over the years and this past month, as president, met with two groups who have felt underrepresented.  The outcomes of these meetings illustrated several concerns. Two common concerns, sadly, were feeling unwelcomed and misunderstood. We need to work together as a community to break down social barriers and misunderstandings. Tackling these issues may certainly be daunting however nothing is impossible if we work together and proceed forward with a clean intention with only pleasing Allah (swt).
One of the first community wide steps in breaking down this social barrier will be to bring us all together to discuss the very issues that historically have kept communities divided.  We will be hosting the showing of the independent film Unmosqued which highlights some of the very common problems masjids in America are facing, There will be a panel of experts to assist in guiding our community wide discussion. The data from the discussion will help the Board know which direction the people wish MAGR to take. This is just the beginning. The MAGR Board plans on introducing many more methods on a smaller scale which will help in forging new friendships and bridging much needed understanding.
In addition to community building, we are working towards sustainable programs for spiritual growth for our youth with ultimately offering similar programs for our adults. Alhamdullilah, brother Faizan Mumtaz has expressed an interest and will dedicate his time to working on programs for our youth. The religious committee has been working diligently and closely with our Imam in drafting a suitable, mutually agreed upon contract which will allow our Imam to flourish spiritually both within and outside MAGR. We will also be finalizing thoughts on an established, comprehensive security system for our building. There are other security related measures that will help protect our members through policies in our upcoming MAGR policies and procedures.  Alhamdulillah, we have also filled our Sunday School board position with sister Asiya Laskonis who, with her strong backround in education, will improve Sunday School. She will also be working with the IQRA International Educational Foundation to improve the curriculum next year.
As we continue to work together and strive for Allah’s (swt) blessing, I strongly believe in my heart that our community can only improve.  We will inshaAllah succeed as a community in establishing a solid foundation for growth for the generations to come. Ameen.
Jazakallah Khayrun
Arshad R. Shaikh
MAGR President

Naseeha Muslim youth helpline

Hijab Peer Pressure Drugs Friends
Academics Parents ??? Bullying
Social Presssure??? Exams

Muslim Youth are you struggling with any of the above?

Need someone to talk to?
Need some sound advice or someone to listen to you?

Naseeha Muslim Youth Helpline offers confidential and completely free advice to any youth in need. Our trained Muslim counselors are there to listen to your problems and answer any questions.
CALL 1800-550-MYHL (6945) or 1-866-NASEEHA
OR VISIT US ON facebook @Naseeha Muslim youth helpline

Source: Manar Kandil MAGR Sisters Youth Committee

Online Arabic Grammar Classes

Starting Wednesday, November 6th at 8:00 PM, we will be launching our first online class, Arabic Grammar. We will use Google Hangouts On Air. The course will require a G-mail account and Google + account to access the course.
You will need to  be invited to attend the course.
If you would like to attend this online course please email Imam Shpendim Nadzaku, and you will get an invitation for the course shortly before the course begins.
Google Hangouts On Air allows unlimited viewing, but only 10 interactive students.
A reminder, please be patient in case of technical difficulties as this will be our first time doing this.
Jazakum Allahu khayran